Next time you are told by someone that Britain (as a nation / country / geographical entity) is full-up, that we have no more room left, please ask them to ponder this fact – The proportion of England’s landscape which is actually built upon (roads, houses, factories, shopping centres, schools etc) is a mere 2.27%, and that the vast majority of us (80%) live within this space. You can get all the salient facts from a 2012 article by Mark Easton on the BBC News…Continue Reading “The Grand Myth Of Urban Britain”

Ok so ive changed the remit of this website / blog and we shall begin again; rather than being mostly a place to download digital-prints I shall use it to growl and rage sometimes jovially and sometimes not. And every now and again I might include something to download (for a fair price of course) depending on how the air has taken me but mostly it will be words and things… Or at least that is the plan. For those of you who are interested…Continue Reading “And so we begin again”