You will no doubt be delighted to learn that I now have a gallery and shop open on the Picfair platform; where some of my photographs are available to purchase (*as digital files) on a personal and/or commercial basis. You can see my profile at – and also (and possibly even more excitingly) if you use this referral link to browse and buy from Picfair I get paid too even if its not my picture which you bought. Isn’t that just fantastic? I thought…Continue Reading “Picfair”

So I entered a online photo competition (not something I ever do normally) run by Eversure (the company I insure my camera and lenses with) on Facebook and won… as you do… This glorious victory means I get worldwide insurance for my gear for a whole year for free. Which is nice 🙂 My winning (did i mention i was a winner?) photograph was taken on my knees on Victoria Dock in Hull just next to where the new Siemens factory now is and where…Continue Reading “Eversure Competition Winner”

20+ years ago again In 1997 – 1998 I visited Hong Kong for 3 months, staying in Tai Po Market and spending my days wandering and wandering and wandering… And now, next week (24th October 2018) I am returning again. Alas not for 3 months; 12 nights will have to do this time. Last time i made-do with my eyes and a series of cheap *disposable plastic cameras to log the scenes i saw, this time i will be fully-armed with 2 Fujifilm cameras (X100F…Continue Reading “Hong Kong”

Online Gallery – Prints For Sale I have recently set-up a profile using the excellent ‘Shootproof’ online-gallery platform which allows ME to showcase a selection of my work and YOU to purchase any prints from it in a simple and user-friendly manner. I have integrated the galleries with ‘Loxley Colour’ which is a well-regarded professional printing service; ensuring that all prints which you purchase will be of excellent quality. You can find my galleries at – Hopefully you will see something you like. Thank…Continue Reading “Shootproof”

The black death slide 3 years ago to the day whilst out with my camera I almost died in this building, sliding slowly but inevitably downwards as the broken boards gently gave-way – into a hole in the floor downwards through the thick silent blackness downwards into a cold black death soup. As i slid deep into the black thick water i reached no floor, only my left hand clutching at the hole edge kept me from slipping further to my journeys end at bottom…Continue Reading “An almost death”

New website for Phill Clarkson One of the other things i also do is build websites for people… I used to hand-code them but these days folk want so much interaction with their clients and visitors that this became far too onerous to do by hand, so now I tend to use the ‘WordPress’ Content Management System (CMS) for all my needs. It works well, and is easy (after a few lessons) for the client to understand and update, and the options available to the…Continue Reading “Phill Clarkson Photography”

Prints for sale To coincide with my ‘5 Gullies of Ham’ exhibition at Pave in Hull, I have released a selection of prints which can be used by people either as mere living room wall decoration or more hopefully as fabulous conversation starters. The prints are available in a variety of sizes and are can be delivered to anywhere in the world. You can see this latest selection in the newly constituted and cleverly named ‘Prints For Sale‘ gallery. * These prints are no longer…Continue Reading “Prints”

5 Gullies of Ham Starting on the 5th of December I have a new photography exhibition in Pave on Princes Avenue in Hull which will run for the whole of the month and into the first Monday in January of 2018. This time rather than filling the whole Pave ‘art’ wall with a multitude of images I have decide this time to inflict only 5 of my favourites from 2017. All are images of / from Hull. None of the images are related to or…Continue Reading “Pave Exhibition”

March My first exhibition of 2017 will be at the Kardomah94 on Alfred Gelder Street in Hull starting on Monday March 6th and (afaik) running for the whole month. This was initially to be a joint show with the always-excellent David Drasdo but he has had to withdraw. The exhibition is part of a year-long series of shows organised by ‘Photography from Hull and Beyond’ (PfHAB) and my work will now be on display alongside some other members of this highly talented Facebook group. Unless…Continue Reading “Kardomah94 Exhibition”