Another photograph from 2014. Another 6×6 print to buy and download for a pound. These flats on the Orchard Park Estate in the north of Hull are long gone now, demolished excitedly, and rather than being taken down brick by brick they were imploded with strategically placed explosives despite the very close proximity to the houses, school, and shops below. And they did it well it has to be said, no damage was doneā€¦ I like the colours. Print download link – Orchard Park flats

Willerby Low Road For want of anything better to do I have added a new old print to my ‘Print Downloads’ collection. The photograph was taken in December 2014 on Willerby Low Road (between Cottingham and Willerby) using (I think) a cheap Samsung camera-phone… i do believe though to be honest my head is so-filled with forgetfulness that I no longer can be absolutely certain about such things. Anyway, this section of the road always has a pretty menace about it regardless of which camera…Continue Reading “Old Print New Print”