An almost death

The black death slide

3 years ago to the day whilst out with my camera I almost died in this building, sliding slowly but inevitably as the broken boards gently gave-way – into a hole in the floor downwards through the thick silent blackness downwards into a cold black death soup. As i knifed through the water i reached no floor, only my left hand grasping kept me from slipping quickly to the bottom of the watery shit i was lost in. There are days when I wonder what would have happened had there not been any water to break my fall. Impaled in the blackness unseen and unfound. But obviously I didn’t die, my friend managed to find me in the pitch black and hold me up whilst i attempted to lever myself out… I don’t think I could have done it on my own. Death can come so easy.

Building – Lord Line Building Hero – Andrew Welford

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