And so I made another one now that I have gotten my head around some of the simple technologies, though I would still wish to be able to create a simple track-list…. Anyway this one is called ‘25072016’ and is another randomish selection from my digitial library. The library would have been a lot larger had I not in the past had a tendency to delete gigabyte after gigabyte of the stuff on a whim.


So I create the ‘playlist’ in Music Bee, I play the playlist in Music Bee or Foobar2000 and record it all off the soundcard with Audacity. (See below the mixloud player embed for links). I used to use Mixx to do it all in one but alas it kept crashing, so I binned-it.

Free and ‘Open Source’.

Music BeeFoobar2000Audacity

25 pound Democracy

Here is something I made earlier – the title referes to the decision by the Labour Party to retrospectively ban new members from voting in the leadership election, though anyone with £25 to spare is welcomed with open arms. The decision was a shameless attempt by the right-wing of the party to foil the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as its leader following on from the absolute debacle of the ‘chicken-coup’ which they had hoped would remove him from his position.

The Grand Myth Of Urban Britain

Next time you are told by someone that Britain (as a nation / country / geographical entity) is full-up, that we have no more room left, please ask them to ponder this fact – The proportion of England’s landscape which is actually built upon (roads, houses, factories, shopping centres, schools etc) is a mere 2.27%, and that the vast majority of us (80%) live within this space.

You can get all the salient facts from a 2012 article by Mark Easton on the BBC News website.

The report the article refers to is from the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA), and here is a (download) link to a PDF of the actual report.

An old picture

From the Orchard Park Estate


These flats on the OPE in the north of Hull are gone now, demolished, they were exploded on the order of the council despite their close proximity to the houses, school, and shops below. There are obviously some very clever people about… I like the colours.

You can download this old 2014 photo as a nice 6x6in JPG to put upon your wall or mantelpiece for no more than one pound. It is a good price I think. Get it while you can.

And so we begin again

And so we begin again

Ok so ive changed the remit of this website / blog and we shall begin again; rather than being mostly a place to download digital-prints I shall use it to growl and rage sometimes jovially and sometimes not. And every now and again I might include something to download (for a fair price of course) depending on how the air has taken me but mostly it will be words and things… Or at least that is the plan.

For those of you who are interested in photography you can see and buy a selection of my prints on the Roving Eye website…. I also exist tentatively on Etsy for those of you who prefer to use that platform for buying such lovely things.

Thank you